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Xinxiang Weiyuan Machinery Co., Ltd., formerly known as the Xinxiang the Weiyuan vibration machinery factory. January 2005 corporate restructuring Xinxiang City, Weiyuan Machinery Co., Ltd.. The company is located in Xinxiang City high-tech development in the West End, north of the new focus and new Dutch railway, west of the north-south artery Beijing-Guangzhou railway, east of Beijing-Zhuhai Expressway, location, convenient transportation. The Company is a member of the Association of SME management in Henan Province, high-tech business units, was named Xinxiang City, advanced quality management unit.
        Companies registered capital of 25 million yuan, covers an area of 26000m2, 330 employees, including 5 senior engineers, 38 engineers and technicians. Is a research, development, production and sales of mechanical vibration one of the four technology enterprises, a variety of products identified by the Science and Technology Department of Henan Province Science and Technology, which 3YKR-2460 Circular Vibrating grader has been assessed as the leading domestic product, 3YKR-2460 Circular Vibrating sizing screen for high-tech products, ZSK-1540 linear vibrating screen has been assessed to the domestic advanced products, is the Xinxiang County Business Council "Red Shield network" the most important high-tech enterprises, detailed information about please visit the Weiyuan website www.weiyuanzd.com network name : Weiyuan vibration.
         URBAN AND, chairman of the company, Southeast University, Nanjing 92 graduates, senior engineer, small and medium enterprises in Henan Province Quality Management Association vice president. Over the years, the company focus on product quality, attention to the cultivation of the market, products are sold to 30 provinces and municipalities and autonomous regions, and exported to Brazil, Thailand, Sudan, Turkey, Bangladesh and other countries. The now "Weiyuan mechanical" trademark has become well-known trademarks, "Weiyuan" brand vibrating screen, vibrating feeder, vibrating coal grate, long-distance high temperature vibrating conveyors and all kinds of sieve shaker, shock absorber widely used in iron and steel, coal, electric power, chemical and other industries, and other accessories, success in Guiyang 1989 pool Goupitan mud ditch gravel project, the Three Gorges Project gravel plants, Guizhou light hydropower gravel Engineering, Kunming Iron and Steel Company, Inner Mongolia, Baotou Iron and Steel Company, the Tianwan nuclear power plant, Ningxia TAIXI Group,, Neimeng Hai Bo Wan, Bureau of Mines, Xinjiang Bayi Iron and Steel Group Company, Xinjiang Dushanzi Tianli Industrial Co., Ltd., Baotou Aluminum Co., Ltd. and other units to promote the use of. High quality products, efficient and thoughtful after-sales service for my company to establish a unique style of marketing environment, praised by users.
         First, the technical economic strength and process equipment processing capacity: Has all kinds of professional and technical personnel 27 people, and met with the Southeast University in Nanjing, Guangdong Electric Power Design Institute, Northwest Electric Power Design Institute, Changsha Metallurgical Design Institute and a number of research institutes, universities have established close ties, and became the company's technology support. Design computer design, and state-of-the-art 3D CAD integration software and mechanical vibration parameters calculation software, to complete the conventional parameters, 3D modeling, finite element analysis and two-dimensional engineering drawings, to ensure the quality of products, to accelerate the the pace of development of new products. Has all kinds of machines and equipment 52 pieces of Taiwan, large annealing furnace to meet the production processes of various types of large-scale shake the device.
In recent years, our company has developed a large vibration equipment used in YBJ Series abdominal plate shaker, elastic rods hanging sieve and other high-tech products have been identified results by the Henan Province Science and Technology Agency, and has been proved in many users.
         Second, the business management, quality management Status:
         The company has established a comprehensive enterprise management and operation mechanism, the establishment of six according to their characteristics (technology development department, quality control department, production department, purchasing department, sales department, finance department) Studio (Office), technology development, quality inspection department, production department by the chief engineer of the unified leadership of the six rooms in the company's operations complement each other and coordinated development.
         In strict accordance with the ISO9001 international standard to carry out a comprehensive quality assurance, established a three-tier quality amount of pipe network, clearly established a quality control point of each process, strengthen the quality control of the production process. Implementation of tracking on the production site management, strengthen the disciplinary process, so that assessment standards, operating specifications, job duties, comprehensive quality management system in the implementation of the first inspection, special inspection, sampling a number of three-dimensional quality inspection "three-pronged program, realize the quality of scientific management, systematic, standardized and institutionalized.
         Third, the means of detection:
         Company has Xinxiang largest professional physical and chemical laboratories, equipment and testing instruments, to develop strict testing system and articles of association, to ensure that the products from the purchase of raw materials to processing until the finished product of the indicators meet the design requirements.
         The main testing instruments are as follows:
         Infrared detector (for welding quality check)
         2 metal comprehensive performance measuring instrument (for testing of mechanical properties of steel)
3 thickness (for a sheet thickness measurement)
         Material Analyzer (for steel materials for testing)
         Amplitude analyzer (for the measurement of the amplitude of the vibration equipment)
         6 infrared electronic thermometer (for the measurement of the temperature rise of the rotary member)
         Noise meter (for rotating machine noise detection)
         Fourth, after-sales service:
         The company has a service office, has a high technical level of after-sales service team, and are committed to:
A free guide users through installation and commissioning of the equipment.
         B, free training operation workers properly use the equipment.
         C, the warranty period free warranty.
         D products sold carried out gratis tracking service, preferential provide spare parts.
         E, received a user telephone or fax notification requirements sent to on-site service, 24 hours within 300 kilometers rushed to the scene ,300-800 km 30 hours rushed to the scene rushed to the scene, 800 km the -1500 km 48 hours, more than 1,500 km arrived on the scene 72 hours

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